BENEVIA was born as a regional company with the same values, standards and international objectives inherited from the TOPPS Company; but with local focus in each country of the Southamerican region.
Besides the distribution of current products and new launches of Bazooka Candy Brands in South America as a licensee and exclusive distributor; new products are included in Benevia´s portfolio, such as Surprise Chocolate Eggs and Candy Toys with the most successful global licenses.


New cultural trends set the highest demands on business ethics and this is particularly important in the case of CHILDREN. At BENEVIA, this represents a foundational concept of the company and we are satisfied to say that we have been at the forefront… and we continue to be, because the arrival point of others is our starting point.
Benevia is an international Company that PRODUCES and SELLS delicious and fun products such as Push Pop, Ring Pop and Spring Pop; among other brands. The fundamental feature of the products that BENEVIA produces and sells is their QUALITY.


BENEVIA complies with the strictest quality standards. We are obsessive in the safety regulations and production processes because we know that our final consumer are KIDS.

Our plant is managed with the strictest production methods and quality control. August 2013 was the year of the inauguration of this plant, and since 2017, the plant has been certified under the FSSC 22000 standard; the most demanding standard in terms of Food Safety. Quality depends largely on technology, having it means significant investments and doing so is the concrete proof of the respect and care with which BENEVIA considers its consumers: your children.

In addition, since 2020, all manufactured products are gluten-free, in a strong commitment of inclusion with the celiac community. You can find the SIN TACC (Gluten Free) logo on all our packagings.

We also have Kosher certificate for all our products issued by Rabbi Gabriel Yabra from UK Kosher.